• L-OW-SW 006Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 001Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 002Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 003Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 004Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 005Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 007Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 008Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 009Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 010Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 011Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 012Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 013Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 014Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 015Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 016Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 017Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 018Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OW-SW 019Outdoor Wicker Swatch
  • L-OF-CC-001Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-002Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-003Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-004Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-005Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-008Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-010Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-011Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-012Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-013Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-021Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-022Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-023Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-014Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-015Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-024Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-025Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-016Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-017Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-019Outdoor Cushion Fabric
  • L-OF-CC-020Outdoor Cushion Fabric
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Outdoor Furniture Wicker patterns & colours

We at Luxox welcome all kind of ideas and innovation. We offer wide scope of customisation. Weaving is a Art and there are many ways of doing it. We at Luxox, with the ability to produce different patterns of Plastic wicker cane and endless colour option, present to you tailor maidOutdoor Furniture & Garden Furniture. Even small quantity of customised wicker furniture can be produced. You may also chose from our special selection and create great looking Outdoor Furniture. We also Supply Best Quality Outdoor Wicker Cane, Plastic cane For weaving and Maintanance for Outdoor Furniture, Wicker Furniture, Garden Furniture & Patio Furniture

Outdoor Furniture & Garden Furniture fabrics & leatherette

Outdoor furniture are best only with outdoor fabrics, rich and vibrant colour canvas fabric are generally used with these furniture. Our wicker furniture comes with these Outdoor fabrics. We also undertake re cushioning for Allweather Outdoor Wicker Furniture. Outdoor fabrics from SunBrella, DICKSON and other international Brands are also available as per special requirements. Leatherette is also good and affordable option with long life and easy maintenance, but are only meant for semi Outdoor or Covered area. Please select from our verity of Outdoor Canvas fabric for your wicker furniture, Outdoor furniture, Patio Furniture & Garden Furniture. We also Supply Best Quality Outdoor Febric, Canvas fabric For Cushion Maintanance for Outdoor Furniture, Wicker Furniture, Garden Furniture & Patio Furniture
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