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Frequently asked questions ? About AllWeather Furniture, Outdoor Furniture & Wicker Furniture

1 : Are you a manufacturer of Outdoor Wicker Furniture?
  Yes, we are Original manufacturer. We manufacture our Outdoor furniture by ourselves in our own factory right from the raw form.
2 : Where is LUXOX factory?
Our factory is located in National capital DELHI, India. A 6,000 sq yard (54,000 square feet) industrial area.
3 : Do you also ship to other country?
Yes, we are also an exporter. We provide export documentation and handling service on optional charge. Please provide us your nearest port or the city you live in, we can then quote the shipping and other required costs for you separately from the furniture price.
4 : What are your Wicker Furniture ranges?
We manufacture indoor as well as outdoor furniture, basically any furniture that withstand to all weather condition outdoor. We use various materials e.g.
synthetic/plastic rattan fibre, aluminium, stainless steel, natural wicker and wooden furniture.
5 : Are your Wicker furniture product range only made for outdoor use?
Our furniture products design to be sturdy enough to be put outdoor, but they can also be a perfect complement to any interior concept. Our furniture material has wide-array of colour, texture and dimension to be harmoniously blended into any interior designs and styles.
6 : How can I see complete product range of Luxox?
Answer: A unique way of categorizing product SpaceWise - MoodWise - ProductWise , in the home page you may find Dream, Live, Party, play, work, leisure with relative thumbnail is provided however as traditional way At the top menu bar, left menu bar and bottom menu bar, you can find 'COLLECTION' menu button which is expandable for every category of our product lines e.g. LIVING, DINING,PATIO, SWING, CANOPY, CABANA, ACCESSORIES from which you can view our regular collection for every year collection. The collection only show the designs, but we do not mention any prices in them
7 : Your pictures can not be saved and very small. Can I get the images?
Please do not try to copy any pictures as it is disabled in case you want to share the picture by coping the address from address bar and share via face book, email, sms, messaging apps etc. you may also keep note of product code for future reference. Once an order is finalised with advance payment we will send you soft copies by email.
8 : You do not have a price listed on your collection. How can I get the quotes?
Thank you for you’re interested on our furniture product, but as our marketing strategy do not allow us to mention any prices online, alternatively you can contact us for pricing concerns. You can scroll over to find our email id and phone number on top right of every webpage. You can also simply send us an e-mail for pricing query to
9 : Do you have any other design other then the collection? Or can you replicate the design provided by me which I found somewhere else?
Yes, we have our own exclusive designs, but we do not display online. You can contact us for our exclusive designs and we our sales team will immediately respond to your query with our exclusive design sales contract. For end-user, we recommend to send us your designs you might get from the internet and we will inform you which designs we are able to replicate with some minor adjustments due to copyrights concerns.
10 : What is the normal lead time of producing the furniture?
Our normal lead time for producing the furniture is 3 weeks after we received 50% deposit of total sale. However, to make sure about the lead time for each order, specially bulk order you can contact us accordingly.
11 : What material is used to make your product?
Our fibre is made from virgin HDPE graduals from Manufacturer (Gail, Indian OIL, Reliance etc)
Frames are majorly made from Aluminium. However depending on special requirement we also make MS and SS frames which are powder coated. Cushion are made from fabric from Sumbrella And dicson however on special requirement canvas and matte are being used.
12 : Is your product eco friendly? Is it recyclable?

Yes of course. Our furniture is eco friendly as it eliminates use of natural rattan or wood saving on deforestation. It is 100% recyclable and reusable.

13 : How your product is resistant to heat, water ECT. ?
Our product is made of HDPE granules mixed with UV retarder and Fire Retarder.
14 : Is your product repairable?
Yes our product is repairable and in case your pests damage it we also do repair for a nominal and actual price.
15 : What does your warranty covers?
Our warranty covers any manufacturing defects e.g. rusting, corrosion, cracking, pealing, damage of cane and weaving etc
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